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What does CBG Do?

what is CBG good for

What does CBG do? CBG and CBD differ in important ways, especially when it comes to how they effect the body. They have different purposes, they work together really well, but ultimately they act on different parts of the body. Peer-reviewed scientific research has been conducted on cannabigerol how it…

The Best CBD for Sleep

Best CBD for Sleep

Looking for the Best CBD for Sleep? The World Famous Alpengro Sunset Calming tonic is the perfect blend for nighttime. With a nice dose of CBG, it is very calming. It has 4 mg of melatonin per dose to help with sleep. A non-drowsy, natural sleep aid! These days, all…

The Strongest CBD Flower on the Market

premium CBD flower

When it comes to the strongest CBD flower on the market, what’s your favorite strain? For us, it’s our Super Sour Space Candy strain. When you grow great hemp genetics properly, you harvest flower with a higher potency, in general. The hemp industry blew up as a result of legalization,…